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markand 2009-02-24 11:43 AM

Items becoming hyperlinks?
Hi, I did a search and noticed this had happened to other people, but didn't see a conclusive resolution.

For some reason, all new items that I create have the font as blue and underlined. After entering the task (that is, I'm no longer editing it) if I click on it, a new window opens up. What's weird is that the window is viewing a completed project.

How can I get rid of the hyperlinks that exist and prevent new ones from being created? It's very annoying.


Toadling 2009-02-24 12:01 PM

Have you tried going to Preferences -> Style and clicking the Reset button?


markand 2009-02-24 12:16 PM

Thank you Dennis! I had not tried that, but it fixed the problem.

What is a bit baffling is how it ever got into that state, as I had not done anything in the style section of the preferences pane before.

What I had done, and maybe this is related is that I was trying to get sync working using a WebDav Server, but it did not work. I wonder if there is a bug in the code that changed the style settings when I was changing the sync settings.

Everything is fixed now. Thanks so much for your help!

whpalmer4 2009-02-24 01:02 PM

There's at least one outstanding bug that does things like this. The situation is improved in the 1.6 sneaky peek but not entirely fixed. If you select some text in the main panel and drag it over onto the sidebar and drop it, odd and generally undesirable things will happen. The solution is as Dennis suggests...

splitloop 2013-09-08 09:16 PM

Hey guys! I'm having the same bug, and reseting styles didn't fix this..

splitloop 2013-09-08 09:53 PM

[QUOTE=splitloop;127129]Hey guys! I'm having the same bug, and reseting styles didn't fix this..[/QUOTE]

Scratch that, it did help!

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