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blepine 2006-07-27 08:21 AM

Task Numbering
Is there any way to remove the task numbering?

Also, for those of us that are working with MPP based teams the ability to maintain the taks ID's and display them is pretty key.

Another feature that would be nice would be the ability to have 2 timescales in the Gantt Chart.

seth 2007-10-09 07:56 AM

I'd like know if there's a way to remove the task numbering as well. Thanks.

skwirl 2007-10-09 04:25 PM

There isn't a way to hide the task numbering, but this is a popular feature request in our database that we're looking into. Two time-scales will be implemented in the next update to OmniPlan.

As for the MPP task ID, if the file contains the MS Project UID field during import, OmniPlan users those IDs. You can view them by going to "View" > "View Options" and checking the "Unique ID" box.

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