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sunshine 2006-08-02 07:20 AM

Unique item IDs
Does OmniPlan assign a unique ID to every task and group within a plan? If so, can this be displayed and is it maintained when exported to an MS Project file? Equally, are MS Project unique IDs kept and used when imported into OmniPlan?


sunshine 2006-08-04 01:54 AM

Anybody know thew answer to the above? I ask because many programme managers rely on the unique ID to ensure milestones are accurately tracked with dependencies across multiple projects. If this info is lost when importing or exporting an MS Project file then OmniPlan will be a rather risky tool to use.

blepine 2006-08-04 08:21 AM

I've asked for this as well. Both the ID and the Unique ID imported from Project. I haven't heard back from Omni either.

I agree, this is a pretty important feature.

Lizard 2006-08-04 10:16 AM

OmniPlan does assign a unique ID to every task and group within a plan.

I don't think unique IDs persist going back and forth with MS Project, though. I've filed a feature request for that.

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