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spinnakerco 2010-01-18 06:39 AM

Dealing with Uncertainty
All -

Question about dealing with uncertainty (how's that for a subject?!) I work in research and development where saying that testing is going to be done in two weeks is silly (and dangerous - when a project isn't done on 29 Feb at 3:30 because that's when the time line said it would be done, the uppity ups get flustered...)

So - I'd like to show graphically that a project will nominally take 2 weeks, although it could be done in a week or as long a 4 weeks - and put that on paper...

The question is how...



skwirl 2010-02-05 04:36 PM

This sounds like a feature request three sets of start and end dates, specifically optimistic, expected, and pessimistic dates for task completion. I'll add your vote for this in our database.

We don't have this feature now and the only possible workaround I can think of is to enter three tasks and group them. Set each task with either the optimistic, expected, or pessimistic dates and color-code them differently if you want. Not perfect by any means, but it could be presentable on paper to show the higher ups the three possible outcomes of your project.

RaianStar 2013-10-16 04:32 AM

Add my vote
As far as my collegues and I are concerned, this is an essential feature in any project planning software package. On top of the rational made by Spinnakerco o, this information is required in order to generate a PERT chart.

I know that a PERT chart of sorts can be generated in OmniGraffle using the OmniPlan file, however a formal PERT function would be my second request.

cerniuk 2014-01-05 08:24 PM

Oh PERT, where art thou?

stephan.bachofen 2014-02-21 07:03 AM

I second that.

- I couldn't find a decent project management SW that can do it. Most, if not all seem to be "me too products" of MS Projects.

- At the end it is better to be vaguely right than to be precisely wrong! For complex projects (including IT projects) the estimates are vague at best. It is often a discovery. Using precise date as most project management tools force one to use give the wrong impression about the quality of the estimates.

I also would like to start the project with a PERT chart first and then turn into a GANTT. It just makes more sense.

Don't be a "me too product" to MS Projects please.

I have bought and use Omni Graffle and Omni Focus a lot. I definitley would buy a project management sw than can do the above! Unfortunately, there is no vendor out there that I can throw my money at for this.

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