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rcuadro 2013-01-13 04:50 AM

Forecast and Exchange Calendar
I'm new to OmniFocus and I'm trying to understand/use its features. Should Forecast show the Calendar items that I've entered into Exchange as appointments? If so, I'm having trouble making them appear. Under View Options I have "Calendar Events" checked. Under Calendars, I have my Exchange checked and a color selected both on my iPhone version of OmniFocus and on the iPad.

Other than those, I can't find any other buttons to push or levers to pull so I'm a bit stuck for a solution.

Lizard 2013-01-13 11:09 PM

That does sound like what you should need to set to see the events. They should show in a strip across the bottom of the Forecast view, for the days on which they occur. (Unless I'm forgetting an incompatibility with Exchange...)

If you're still stuck, perhaps email [email][/email] with a couple screenshots of what you're (not) seeing?

rcuadro 2013-01-14 07:07 AM

Ok, it is working as expected. I do see my appointments from Exchange at the bottom of the Forecast view. But because they aren't items that have a specific "Due Date" (or perhaps because they're on my Calendar as opposed to being an action item), it is a valid statement to say that today there were no items.

Thank you.

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