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robotii 2008-11-12 05:46 AM

Anyone else having problems with Location awareness on iphone 3g
Everytime I try to use the location awareness in Omnifocus 1.1 for iPhone, I get "No Location Information Available". Just to let you know, I have assigned the contexts a location, which is just a single point taken from the GPS on the iPhone.

I am able to get a GPS signal, so that is not the problem. I tested it with other apps, and they can access the location information correctly. Any ideas on what to try - I appreciate that its rather hard to debug without physical access to the device.

Just for the record, Fake GPS (using the wifi based location) seems to work fine, it is only the real GPS that Omnifocus cannot access.

This is a real hindrance to being able to use omnifocus to its full potential. However, its still a real benefit, even without GPS integration.

Brian 2008-11-12 05:22 PM

I'd be interested to know what Google Maps' web interface returns when you input the same location information. If they don't like your input for some reason, that might help diagnose that angle.

If that doesn't explain it, I'd suggest sending the support ninjas email with screenshots of the relevant contacts so they can try and figure out what's up.

To take a screenshot on the iPhone, hold down the Home button, and then briefly press the Power button on the top of the device. (With the screen you want to take a picture of visible, of course.)

Your screen will flash white - this means that the screenshot was added to your photo roll. You can now use the camera application on your phone to email the photo to yourself, then attach it to a response to this email and send it along.

JKT 2008-11-13 12:22 AM

Fwiw, if you are in the UK, the iPhone/Google maps doesn't always do very well if you only input a post code (for some reason it will often find places in the US instead). If you add UK to the end (e.g. NW1 1XY, UK) it will perform properly.

I assume that this is also true for other countries outside of the US.

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