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Stefan 2009-03-07 07:49 AM

Custom Data and shape names export/report

my team members are using VISIO (i.e. Workflow Modeling, Org.Structures); I prefer staying with Mac and (as OmniFocus user) looked up OmniGraffle (trail phase for another 6 days).

Does OG offer comparable functionality re custom data (keys+values; btw: are additional attributes like formats, prompts... planned for further relases?)?
Is it possible to export those data to i.e. numbers/excel

Does OG allow to create reports on such custom data (VISIO properties) and on any/selected shape texts?

And the other way around: in case this works, would it also be possible to import outline data (OmniOutliner, other outliner, pages/word, numbers/excel, keynote/powerpoint objects)?


Joel 2009-03-07 09:20 AM

OmniGraffle Professional 5 has the ability to place custom key/value pair data on objects already; that's found in the Object Properties: Note Inspector.

It would take some doing, but an AppleScript could likely in turn get that information out to a format that other applications could handle.

Hope that helps,

Stefan 2009-03-07 10:45 AM

Great! Do you have some AppleScript examples at hand plus some pointer on how to access the OG data structures in order to get out key/value pairs and ev. shape texts etc. (sorry - I'm not an expert on scripting but willing to expand the OG functionality - otherwise I can't go for it at least within the context of my current project)?!

ivanrostas 2010-02-05 04:39 PM

Any luck with this Applescript help?
Similarly I want to produce a schedule (basically a Bill of Materials) of the objects I place on a drawing. Any success with this?

dghpts 2010-04-14 12:00 PM

Make that another request for a sample applescript to parse key value pairs for a BOM.
Also, and I know this is a big one, but are you guys thinking about importing dwg or dxf files?
Being able to do these two things would allow me to use OGP5 for everything and forget about AutoCad and Vectorworks.

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