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vplane9 2009-03-20 06:47 AM

Error: "Unable to load preferences"
I just upgraded from 2g iphone to 3g iphone. Now when I try to obtain the sync settings from my Mac, I get the error:

Unable to load preferences.
The selected computer doesn't seem to have synchronization enabled.

"Sync apps" is definitely checked in iTunes. I'm stumped. Anyone seen this before?

Brian 2009-03-20 03:33 PM

Aaah, I see the confusion here. The "Sync Apps" setting on your computer controls whether iTunes should copy applications purchased on the phone to your Mac (or vice versa). It's unrelated to OmniFocus on the Mac or phone.

If you Open OmniFocus on your Mac and open the Sync preferences pane, what sync method is selected?

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