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Joe Alexander 2010-02-04 06:08 AM

Building for 10.5
I'm trying to build for 10.5, but am getting a whole lot of errors, particularly in OmniFoundation. I'm presuming you would have to build the frameworks for 10.5 for your own there some magic incantation I need to know?

Tim Wood 2010-02-04 11:07 PM

There is a 10.5 branch on github, but master now requires the 10.6 SDK. Beyond that, you'll need to post something about the error.

Joe Alexander 2010-02-05 12:15 PM

Thanks Tim - hadn't noticed it there. I was trying to use the 10.5 config in the main branch download.

I did have problems downloading the 10.5 branch though - just in case anyone else has this problem...on github, you go in and select the 10.5 branch, and click the Download Source button, choose the file format and then it says "Hardcore Archiving Action"...and just sits there forever, and you never get the download.

If you look at the URL it will say [url][/url]... now if you wait a reasonable amount of time for it to zip the file (maybe half a minute) then change the url to be download instead of waitdownload, then you get your file.

I only have this problem on the branch - the normal download works just fine for me. YMMV. HTH.

stargood 2011-05-15 09:47 AM

For Leopard users who would rather get the source using git instead of downloading a tar-ball, this is what you would do.

1. Go to a Terminal window and change to the directory where you want the source to live.
2. Enter the command: git clone [url][/url]
3. Change to the directory "OmniGroup".
4. Enter the command: git checkout "MacOSX-10.5"
Git should give you this message: "Branch MacOSX-10.5 set up to track remote branch MacOSX-10.5 from origin. Switched to a new branch 'MacOSX-10.5'"
5. If you are in a bash, sh, zsh, or ksh shell enter the command: "csh" or "tcsh" to switch to a C-shell so that xcodebuild's "setenv" commands will work properly.
6. Enter the command: "./Scripts/Build Frameworks" to build Debug versions of the frameworks, or "./Scripts/Build Frameworks install" to build release versions of the frameworks.
You may get messages at the start about some missing directories, but these can be safely ignored.

I used this method to build release versions of the 10.5 branch and the build ran flawlessly. I originally cloned the repository to my Desktop and the final products were left in /Users/Shared/me/InstalledProducts.

I hope this helps anybody wanting to build Leopard versions of the frameworks.

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