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HunterBoss 2010-03-21 03:45 PM

As a shared task list

I wonder if I should have done this in OmniPlan.

I'm trying to develop a checklist to train 2 employees to handle new job descriptions.

I can't quite move the whole company over to Macs yet so one of them is still on Windows and the other has zero familiarity with OO.

I like the fact that I can collapse and expand sections. I know I've got that capability when I export it to dynamic HTML. But the check boxes don't work. How do I do I get both check boxes and collapsible sections for people on PCs?



DerekM 2010-03-22 10:13 AM

There isn't a format you can export to that'll give you useable checkboxes aside from an OPML editor, but that's probably not that a good solution. You can import your OO files into OmniPlan if moving it to MS Project is a viable solution.

MS Word doens't have checkboxes you can add does it?

HunterBoss 2010-03-22 01:23 PM

No. I tried the MS Word option. It prints it out as an outline. Not all the helpful for what I was looking for.

Oh well. Maybe OO 6.4


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