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Jean-Paul Samson 2006-11-15 10:07 AM

Location Bar and Auto-Completion Sluggishness
I've been using OmniWeb as my default browser now for several months. Yes, it has now supplanted Safari!

However, there is one important, nagging issue for me: the Location Bar with Auto-Completion is very sluggish. Now, I've tried auto-completion off, but find it tedious to have to type in the full URL's for my frequently visited sites.

However, with auto-completion on, it often takes a second or longer to bring up the list of URL's. While OmniWeb is generating this list, it is unresponsive and doesn't display what I am typing into the location bar. The real killer here is that sometimes it doesn't capture every key that I type in. For example, I often have to type 'w' 'w' 'w' 'w' (four w's) to get "www" (three w's) into the location bar. Yes, it loses one of my keystrokes!

Admittedly have a slower machine (1 GHz G4), which probably compounds the problem, but still...

JKT 2006-11-15 12:51 PM

How much History do you store and how many bookmarks do you have? Try clearing the History and seeing if that helps.

FWIW, you don't ever need to type www. in the URL bar. OW can find URLs based on any text in the URL or in the page title. E.g. typing iPod will display all URLs that have ipod in them and also all URLs for sites which had iPod in the page title but not the URL.

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