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jlvelez1 2012-02-29 11:18 AM

Column Search and Filters
Would it be possible to include a column search and Column Filter functions to OO for i both iPad and Mac. I use my iPad versioin to keep track of bug reports and right now there are over 800 (this is a large project :) ) and I find myself wishing for these two features. The filter is usefull for when I want to see only the bugs assigned to a particular developer or for a severity, etc.

Not pretending to be an OO designer but I can see these features implemented in the pop-up that shows when one presses a column for a second or two right next to the sort and edit.


Joe Velez

DerekM 2012-03-01 10:07 AM

Just in case you aren't aware, there is a document search feature in the Document tab of the tools popover. At the bottom of that popover there's an option for Find. You can't restrict it to column but it should help in your case.

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