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johnrover 2012-05-02 10:03 AM

Filter for projects without contexts?

I'm trying to customize a view to show me EVERYTHING without a context.

The "no context" view seems to omit projects that are designed for "single actions".

The reason it, when I grind through my inbox, I like to assign projects and allow the project default context to be inherited by the task automatically. I only occasionally override this behavior and assign a different context to a specific action. However, because a number of my projects are without contexts, the actions assigned to them are not auto-assigned default contexts. This is a pain.

What am I missing?

whpalmer4 2012-05-02 11:42 AM

I just created a single-action list, didn't assign it a context, assigned 3 actions to it (also without contexts). When I switched over to Context view and clicked on the No Context bin in the sidebar, the actions were present.

There is a difference in what is shown for a project and for a SAL in the Context view; the project itself doesn't show up if it is a SAL, though it will if it is a parallel or sequential project (subject to your preferences for whether or not parent items are shown in context view).

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