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Vinho 2012-06-06 02:20 AM

"Freeze" Sortings
I want to have my tasks sorted by their due date. When I choose this sorting-option, the tasks are sorted correctly, but if I then f.e. change the view from "contexts" to "projects" and back to "contexts" again, the tasks are sorted like before I sorted them by their due date. I don't want this change - they should always maintain their sorting mode.
Is it somehow possible to do that?

Brian 2012-06-06 07:45 AM

If you're switching views via the Project and Context buttons in default toolbar, what you're really doing is switching between two Perspectives that assert specific view settings on the window. The Project perspective includes the sorting behavior you're seeing there; pressing that button changes the sort, in other words.

You'll either want to edit those Perspectives to sort the way you'd prefer, or create a new Perspective that includes your preferred sort and add that to the toolbar. (The Help menu material has info on how to do all of the above.) Hope that helps!

whpalmer4 2012-06-06 07:59 AM

Those Project and Context toolbar buttons are a trap for the unwary! They are okay for the complete beginner, who doesn't make any changes to the view settings, and they are okay for the more advanced user who understands what they do and how to tailor their behavior. The people in between just get confused and frustrated!

If you switch between project view and context view with View->Planning Mode and View->Context Mode (command-1 and 2 respectively), or put the Mode or Switch buttons in the toolbar (View->Customize Toolbar) and use them, you can switch back and forth without disturbing your settings.

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