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highplace 2013-03-03 11:41 PM

Gmail filter to Omnisync Webdrop
I'd like to setup a Gmail filter rule so that if I get any emails from Amazon or any purchase that I don't need to see in my Inbox. I would like to see it in Omnifocus and want it to automatically forward that email to Omnisync Webdrop.

Currently the only why to do this, I need to verify the Omnisync email address. The problem is that I currently can not.

Is there any way that you could make my Omnisync web drop address verifiable? Or any other suggestions to how I could make this work?


whpalmer4 2013-03-04 06:37 AM

Give Amazon a web sync address directly (you can generate additional addresses from the OSS webpage). When they send you any mail, including any sort of verification, you'll get it in OmniFocus. If there's a link to click to verify the address, you can just copy it out of the OmniFocus action and paste it into your web browser's URL field (unfortunately, links in emails that pass through this feature are not yet turned into clickable links in OmniFocus, although you can select the tet of the link, right-click and select Make Link from the popup menu).

Alternatively, use the old Mail processing feature in OmniFocus and Mail to send such emails into OmniFocus. See the built-in help for Processing Mail.

Lizard 2013-03-04 03:06 PM

You can verify an OmniFocus Mail Drop address. I have gmail filters configured to forward certain emails to Mail Drop.

When you first try to use a Mail Drop address in a filter, it will send an email to your Mail Drop address with a link in it. You should be able to open that link in a web browser and that will verify the Mail Drop address.

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