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zottel 2007-11-13 04:16 PM

No Favicons in the bookmarks bar for certain sites
For some sites, favicons are never displayed in the bookmarks bar. I saw this behaviour for some time already for [url][/url]—at this site, the favicon is displayed in the location bar and in the title bar, but never in the bookmarks bar. That's not too bad as for that site since the icon is neither nice nor does seem to have anything to do with the site itself.

What's more annoying to me (and probably unrelated) is that since the update to 5.7SP1 (when all favicons were purged again), I don't see a favicon for [url][/url]—neither in the bookmarks bar nor in the title or location bar. That's not-so-nice because in the bookmark bar I have only the icon for that site. What's the problem?

Stormchild 2007-11-19 07:11 PM

Favicon support seems to be broken since the 5.6 sneaky peeks. Was never resolved in the final version, and remains an issue in the 5.7 sneaky peeks. All the icons regularly disappear and return to the default bookmark icon, even though I have not cleared the cache. I have simply given up on them and try to accept that I will lose them all again after some random interval of time.

Would be nice if it worked consistently.

zottel 2007-11-29 12:50 PM

Hm, I didn't have issues there for some time before I wrote that post. The userfreindly icon is back now; could even have been a server issue. The stadtplandienst icon still doesn't show, but it has never done so, so what the heck. ;-)

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