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Anothersite 2008-03-06 05:41 PM

OmniGraffle and Linkback
I am currently creating text paragraphs in MSWord 2004.

Eventually, I will create flow charts in OmniGraffle Pro 4 (maybe 5 soon), which will be based on these paragraph ideas. It just dawned on me it would be nice to click on the ideas in OG to get the paragraphs currently in Word.

I did some research and learned about Linkback, which Word does not support. Unfortunately, I cannot embed OmniOutliner 3 in OG, if I am reading things correctly.

I am perfectly willing to purchase another word processor that supports Linkback. I thought that Nisus Writer Express or Pro with OG through Linkback might work, but Nisus appears to only accept not serve in the Linkback world, if I understand the lingo correctly. Is that correct?

If Linkback won't work for me, does anyone care to offer ideas about linking ideas in OG with text in a word processor? (There will be about 40 pages of text when I am done.) AppleScript?

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