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RobTrew 2007-06-24 11:25 AM

Importing iGTD archived items
The iGTD to Omnifocus importer should now handle archived items correctly, creating an archive category tree, with the tasks attached to each category, in a separate date-stamped archive folder in Omnifocus. The top-level categories are Omnifocus projects, with their status set to "on hold".

The current draft is at


(The previous version was placing archived items in the inbox, stirring memories of the myth of Sisyphus).

pjc 2007-07-28 08:25 AM

Alas, this is no longer working with the current builds of OF, and build 88108 is no longer available.

I keep getting the message "No active Omnifocus document. Make sure that an Omnifocus window is open, and try again." (Looking at the script, this appears to be the generic error message if any of the import routines fail.)

It looks like it's failing just after importing the first sub-project with more than one sub-sub-projects. It could be unrelated to the nesting -- it's just dying before it finishes importing all the items.

Also, it doesn't seem to have imported any contexts, but I don't know whether that's something that happens later in the process.

I'm running iGTD and OF build 89319.

RobTrew 2007-07-28 09:59 AM

I have restored the importation of the iGTD context tree. The new script is working on my system.

Please tell me if it is working on yours. It is possible that the use of recursion is proving memory-hungry once nesting gets deep.

RobTrew 2007-07-30 12:50 PM

Apostrophes in name of iGTD projects and archive categories
The script is currently choking on any iGTD project names or archive categories which contain apostrophes.

I will aim to fix this when I have time, but in the meanwhile if you have any iGTD projects with names like "Mend Rob's bicycle", the quick fix is to delete the apostrophe before you import to OF.

RobTrew 2007-07-31 09:31 AM

Bug Fixed - new draft online
[QUOTE=RobTrew]The script is currently choking on any iGTD project names or archive categories which contain apostrophes.[/QUOTE]

This has now been fixed. The importer should now happily deal with all iGTD projects and archive categories, regardless of any punctuation or special characters in their names.

The new draft is at:


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