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Brian 2010-06-18 12:13 PM

I'm saying that this would be better handled via email rather than creating multiple forum threads. Once folks think it's a good idea to make many threads to try and get our attention, the forums become a lot less useful to the community.

RobTrew 2010-06-18 02:03 PM

Yes, I can understand that concern.

In this case, of course, there were two (in fact three) different applications, each with different user communities. You will know more than I do about the extent to which they all overlap, but intuitively speaking, the Omniplan forum did not seem the obvious route through which to reach Omnifocus users ... Similarly, the OmniFocus forum did not seem an ideal vehicle for communicating with Omniplan users ...

Anyway, I am very grateful that the OmniFocus problem has now been solved. (And, of course, I do hope that that implies forthcoming solutions to the Omniplan and OmniOutliner problems. Presumably there is now no need to encourage OmniOutliner users to add to the vote count on OmniOutliner's toolbar crasher ? )

whpalmer4 2010-06-18 02:59 PM

In this case, of course, there were two (in fact three) different applications, each with different user communities. [/QUOTE]

So why isn't the correct answer [b]four[/b] different applications? OmniGraffle users aren't expected to want to put scripts in the toolbar? Or is the thinking that no one could possibly have a large enough toolbar for the number of scripts any self-respecting geek would want? :-)

Brian 2010-06-18 03:13 PM

The fix for this problem was in the frameworks that all of our applications are built on. The version of the frameworks that OmniFocus is built on has the fix, and the fix has been pushed into the common repository.

The fix won't instantly appear in the other projects, but it does mean that they will all get it when they update the version of the frameworks their projects are built on. Each team does this periodically, when they decide the time is right.

(Shared frameworks are overall a win in terms of productivity, but you have to be on guard for unintended consequences when you update. You are, after all, moving code written for one project into a different project.)

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