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JKT 2013-05-12 06:11 AM

Bug or unimplemented feature? Share to other Omni App

Just purchased OmniPlan for iPad v1.2, and I have OmniOutliner for iPad v1.4.3. Is the following a bug or an unimplemented feature?

1. Select a document and tap Share in OmniOutliner

2. Select Send to App and pick OO format document

3. The option to Open in OmniPlan is offered (good, that is as it should be as sketching out your project can be quicker in OO than OP)

4. Select the choice and OmniPlan opens and presents the following error:

[CENTER][B]Unable to open file.[/B]
[SIZE="2"]OmniPlan cannot open this type of file.[/SIZE]

If a bug, is there a timescale on when it'll be fixed. If an unimplemented feature is it one that is due to come in the future?


Edit: Similarly, sharing from OmniPlan back to OmniOutliner or OmniGraffle fails with the same error message.

JKT 2013-05-12 06:16 AM

N.B. This is just a basic outline with one column in OmniOutliner and only levels applied to indicate groups.

pjb 2013-05-12 06:21 PM

I ran into similar problem when trying to open OmniOutliner file in OmniGraffle. The answer was: OmniGraffle on the iPad not open the OmniOutliner file, having the export option available is above. Not what I was hoping to hear. 2014-01-25 11:39 AM

I have just purchased Omniplan 2 for iPad and have experienced the same issue. Exporting to app from omnioutliner 2 for ipad as an outliner document shows omniplan as an option but fails to import. Worth noting that no other export option shows omniplan in it's app list.

Is this a feature? i would find this very helpful.

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