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random1destiny 2014-03-25 01:57 PM

How do you decide between using a note or sub-rows
The notes feature is one thing I never really used much in OO. I always feel like a note is something you can just as easily do with a sub-row. The subrow seems more flexible in the long term, for example if you happen to need to move/manipulate/break it into rows later, etc. I see their usefulness in OmniFocus where you want to append notes without create a new task, but in OO where there is no task-note differentiation I don't really get how it's useful.

But I'm curious about those of you who use the notes feature a lot. What is your 'system' for deciding when to use a note versus just creating a sub-row? Why do you choose to use a note rather than just creating a subrow?

Andrew 2014-03-25 04:52 PM

It may help if you think of the notes area as just another column with some special behavior (and indeed that's really what it is behind the scenes). Sometimes it's obvious to me that I want some descriptive/related text attached to a row rather than as a child row; sometimes it's not so clear, and I may end up taking one approach and then converting later.

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