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snpower 2009-04-29 06:20 PM

No iCal sync and no Mail import
I'm running 1.6, and I also have MailActOn 2.0.5 installed. OS is 10.5.6.

Two issues: (1) I can't seem to get the iCal sync to work. I map the context to the calendar, then perform an iCal sync - it appears to be working, but nothing populates iCal. (2) I can't import Emails using "--" in the subject line or appending the email address per the manual.

Perhaps something needs to be reset? I tried resetting sync services via the MobileMe PP, as well as with iSync. No luck.

Greg Jones 2009-04-30 03:34 AM

For Issue #1, are you looking for the synced data in the iCal calendar, or in the iCal To Do list? OF tasks are synced to iCal as to-do items so you'll want to display the iCal to-do list to confirm that the task are/are not being synced.

For Issue #2, are you using the Safari 4 beta? If so, check the sticky post on this in this forum as Safari 4 beta currently breaks the OF import Mail rule.

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