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avandor 2010-12-14 10:16 AM

Stencils not appearing
Brand new user and able to see the stencil library but when I open a folder and click a stencil, I see nothing in the lower pane. I'm sure this is some obvious things but so far no success. Help, please?

Joel 2010-12-14 10:47 AM

I'd double-check to see that you're not filtering on a search criteria in the Stencil window's Search field. Just click the magnifying glass in the field and ensure that there's not a check mark next to "Filter" in that menu.

Hope that helps,

avandor 2010-12-14 12:38 PM

Filter was it
thank you, Joel

Can you tell me how to find Jesse James Garrett's Visual Vocabulary stencil, which I think is loaded by default when one installs Omnigraffle? I searched on his name, "information architecture," and "visual vocabulary" but didn't find his stencil.

Thank you

Joel 2010-12-14 12:50 PM

That should be the Garrett IA stencil, a local search for "Garrett" should bring it up, or you can find it in the Software folder in the Stencil window.

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