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kismet 2011-08-09 11:09 AM

Can OmniGraffle make hierarchical graphs out of Omni Outliner PRO outlines? (I hope.)
I bought Omnigraffle from the App Store several days ago along with Omni Outliner PRO.

I intend to use Outliner PRO to help me organize my thoughts (I am comfortable with the old fashioned hierarchy format, as long as it is flexible) and I want OmniGraffle to sometimes put already organized thoughts into a graph/box/cloud format.

[U]So I need to know: [/U]
[COLOR="Blue"]After I finish making an outline in OmniOutliner PRO, can I export it to OmniGraffle so that OmniGraffle can make whatever kind of a graph that I desire? Does all of the text and relationships (Parent, Child, Sibling) carry over to OmniGraffle?[/COLOR]

Has anyone done this before? [COLOR="blue"]Do they open OmniGraffle first and import it from OmniOutliner PRO? Or do you start with you outline in OmniOutliner PRO and export to Omnigraffle?[/COLOR]

Should I be going now for my glass of iced coffee? :-)


Joel 2011-08-09 11:15 AM

You can directly open OmniOutliner files in OmniGraffle, and pick how you want them laid out and styled. Hope that helps.

kismet 2011-08-09 11:21 AM

Thanks + One unrelated question:
Joel, that is excellent news for me. I'm glad I bought both applications since they will be doing such different types of tasks for me.

Also, Joel: [COLOR="Blue"]How can I get your (and others') replies to my question to show up on the same page as my Reply while I am doing the replying? I like to be able to see everything in a person's answer so that I can address each point individually if necessary.[/COLOR]

Thanks for sending me the great news. I feel liberated.


Brian 2011-08-09 01:36 PM

Kismet, you'll want to use the "Quick Reply" button instead of "Reply" in those cases.

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