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Pascal_S 2011-11-03 03:30 AM

Feature request : add "indent" in "outdent" in the toolbar
The title says it all : it would be a huge help to have the "indent" and "outdent" menus also accessible in the toolbar. Why ?
[LIST][*]I use them all the time. [*]Splitting items in sub-items is a good GTD practice[*]The menu items are in a sub-menu, hard to find (even if logically placed)[*]The keyboard shortcuts (command-left or right bracket) are hard to remember[*]The keyboard shortcuts, on my Swiss French keyboard, require even an additional key (command-alt-8 and command-alt-9), making it even harder to remember.[/LIST]So please add "indent" and "outdent" to the list of menus that can be added to the toolbar. It won't bother anyone not needing them, and it will make a few people like me very happy.


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