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Vanceone 2009-05-15 08:57 AM

Release Notes update?
Are there release notes for the new sneaky peek of May 15? I downloaded it (typing on it now, in fact) and was curious as to what had changed.

Side note, I'm liking Omniweb--ever since Safari began to crash, I've used Omniweb pretty much exclusively. Looking forward to the next version!

sculwell 2009-05-15 10:26 AM

[QUOTE=Vanceone;59871]Looking forward to the next version![/QUOTE]

We all are!

troyb 2009-05-15 12:13 PM

Sorry about that, here is the commit message. It was a tweak to the name picked upon opening the save panel for a page.

[QUOTE]<bug://bugs/47554> (Trying to save a single file gives you a really awful default file name with the domain and URL-encoded characters in it, or sometimes the pixel dimensions)

Fix it so if there's no path (the part beyond the initial domain) we treat
it as a path that ends with '/'. (ie: and will
both fall back to using title, while will use

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