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ohnoes 2010-08-26 10:50 PM

How I Screwed Up My Database With MobileMe Sync
[B]Update:[/B] I figured out that this was just my screwup, however I have a new question on my followup post.

[B]Original Post: [/B]

Hey guys,

Check this out.

Had omnifocus for a long time. I've just recently purchased a new mac and sold my last one.

I was using omnifocus on my last mac, and syncing with mobileme.

When I installed omnifocus on the new mac, I just used a backup file to restore everything.

From there I did a ton of manual work and cleanup, and have been saving as normal.

I recently decided I should get it syncing with mobileme again, so I have another backup (and can sync with my iphone).

I went into mobileme, inserted my mobileme information, and hit sync. When I hit sync im pretty sure it said that it would backup the database from mobileme on my computer, and replace it with my current database.

However after I did that, it went to my omnifocus screen, and it appears like I am now looking at a ton of tasks and stuff from atleast a couple months ago. I'm guessing this means that when I synced it replaced my current computer database with the mobileme one?

What is the process here, I haven't closed omnifocus yet and would like to revert to whatever I had saved as of earlier in the day. I'm sure the backup files are somewhere so I should be okay, but just wondering what the usual mobileme sync path is like? Is this what is supposed to happen? I assumed it would sync the data on my computer, and overwrite mobileme.

Thanks a ton for your help.

ohnoes 2010-08-26 11:05 PM


This is the message I saw when syncing:

Replace your database and start syncing?

Your current database will be backed up on your computer, and replaced by the sync database:

I somehow just read this wrong. Not sure what's up with my brain, it pretty clearly states that the synch database ie ON MOBILEME , will replace my computer database.

To fix my screwup, I just hit "revert to database backup".

Figured I'd just document this here, incase someone else that messes up like myself, could find it.
Anyone know how I get my current omni database, to erase over the mobileme one?[/B]

whpalmer4 2010-08-27 05:53 AM

File->Replace Server Database followed by a careful reading of any sync related messages generated by your iPhone next time you sync ;)

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