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rod 2007-10-23 05:25 AM

Release notes?
Am I missing something, or are the release notes not being updated anymore? I am curious to know the things that are changing. I would be happy to provide some feedback on bug corrections/introductions if I knew what to look for. Thanks!

ext555 2007-10-23 09:32 AM

wondering about that myself ? I'm guessing there's a lot going on , gettting ready for Leopard

rod 2007-10-24 04:48 AM

I see they are back, thanks! Omni continues to amaze with simple things like this- they listen. I really enjoy that someone is paying attention to their users. Even when I have had to send in support requests for other products, a REAL PERSON actually helps and cares about the problem (or at least pretends to). I can't say that about too many other software companies (if any). Keep up the great work guys.

Tim Wood 2007-10-24 05:02 AM

As you guessed, we are doing some work getting ready for Leopard.

Also, the feature I was working on out on a branch was kinda big (some automatic repair for problems introduced by offline/online editing while using data synchronization software). I just landed it on the trunk, though, so I'm back to doing regular updates again. Well, except for some remaining Leopard work for our crash catcher (which will also help OmniObjectMeter).

dhm2006 2007-10-24 05:40 AM

[QUOTE=Tim Wood;23322]As you guessed, we are doing some work getting ready for Leopard.[/QUOTE]

Speaking of Leopard, I wonder if there will be an easy way to capture the to-dos and notes out of Leopard Mail into OF. That would be useful.

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