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matt2 2008-01-04 09:13 AM

project names in context column
I've selected an action in context mode, and do not have a Context column, but do have Project and Due columns.

If I hit return, a new empty action is created below the first, and a Context column appears between the Project and Due columns.

The project names for the existing actions are all displayed in this new Context column, instead of moving to the left to stay in the Project column.

(also: how best might I go about seeing whether something like this is a known bug? searching for terms like "project", "context", and "column" give a gazillion hits)

ptone 2008-01-04 01:54 PM

The best thing is just to use the feedback menu item and send this to omni.

They have a bug database internally. Even if it is already logged as a bug, the number of people to report a given bug helps bump it up in priority.

What you are talking about let me to find a couple related bugs, and pasted below is the feedback I just sent:

Select a context that is a parent of sub contexts

hit return to create new action
First part of bug: A context column appears for this row only - project column is out of alignment with rest of screen

Assign a project and context
The above rendering glitch continues as long as don't change the contents of the content pane

Choose a sub context, then rechoose the parent context

The item is now gone - it is in the inbox, and if you clean up the inbox it moves back to its proper context

Seems like a case where, for actions created in the context view, they should auto-cleanup

2nd bug:

Select a sub-context in context view

click return to create a new action

tab and enter a project - set the project (hit return) project sets fine, but as soon as you leave focus from the project cell, it reverts to no-project

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