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realbrick 2011-10-04 10:05 AM

Objects don't align to grid when dropped from stencil or copy/pasted
I've got my Units & Scale set to pixels, and my grid set to 100 pixels with 10 steps - thus my grid spacing is 10 pixels. Snap to Grid is set to ON.

When I drag a 100x100 pixel rectangle from a stencil, it lands on a non-grid location (E.g., 103, 47.) Is this the intended behavior?

Also, when I finally move an object back onto the grid (e.g., to 500,500), then copy/paste it, I'd expect the pasted object to land on the grid. But no: again, it lands randomly. (In this case, the object copied from an object at 500,500 landed at 493,475.)

This behavior makes the grid really annoying. Is this intended behavior?

HappyCatMachine 2011-10-04 03:36 PM

Indeed, it is annoying however some experimentation and use reveals an interesting positive behaviour. If you press and drag on a shape that is not evenly built to a grid unit (say it's 3.5 grid units wide) then the corner that is closest to where you pressed get aligned when you drag. How they managed that clever behaviour but missed what you describe is strange. Also, objects seem to drift over time. I'm constantly having to replace objects on a grid that were long ago aligned.

That mixed with no real align feature (smart rules ain't good enough in a complex drawing Omni) it's a wonder this remains my favourite iPad app.

Here's to wishing...

lordreye 2011-10-12 12:16 PM

Oh please improve grids in omnigraffle! I'm still not convinced that some of my issues aren't an unawareness of features, but grids are my number one source of aggravation in omnigraffle. I struggle with the issue he outlines above, but also I'd love to be able to hold a command key to override the grid while dragging an object. Also, I run into scenarios where things just don't align for an unknown reason... like the document has two or more grids going at the same time and I end up having to reposition all of the elements that are already on the page just to make the new element align with them.

whpalmer4 2011-10-12 12:21 PM

Where did you get a command key for your iPad? :-)

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