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daniel 2010-09-20 11:13 AM

iCal sync error sound [A: Sound means sync is finished, can be disabled]
When synchronizing my OF with iCal, I get this "error" sound, but everything seems to synchronize fine. Every time I sync, the syncing message reads "Reading Actions" and then bang, the error sound goes off.

The fact that it goes off, it makes me think something is wrong..perhaps with the cache, or other similar issues. I'm suspecting it started when I began using OF on two accounts on my Mac. I've set it up to Sync with a single file on a shared public folder, but I don't see how that could impact syncing with iCal on one profile.

Any idea what the error sound could mean?

Brian 2010-09-22 05:40 PM

The sound is intended to mean "I'm finished syncing". You can disable it by turning off "Play user interface sound effects" in System Preferences. However, OmniFocus won't notice the new setting until you quit and restart.

Alternatively, you can disable that particular sound in OmniFocus using this Terminal command:

[CODE]defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus SyncFinishedSound ""[/CODE]

(To run a defaults write, just open Terminal app, then paste everything in the codeblock above into the window as a single line. Hit return, then restart OmniFocus.)

Hope this helps!

daniel 2010-09-23 06:15 AM

hi brian, and thanks for the quick reply.

the reason why i thought the sound was out of place was because i never seemed to hear it before. i donno if they updated something recently, but even the text which appears during synchronization "[I]Synchronizing Actions: Reading Actions[/I]" doesn't continue to cycle, isn't followed by other messages (like it used to), but stops at "Reading Actions" (maybe it's too quick for my eyes to pick up). the sound that goes off is "Purr" not the typical "Basso" alert Mac sound, which confirms what you wrote..that it's mainly some kind of confirmation. it would be nice if that sound could be edited, but anyway, i might turn if off using the Terminal string you provided. Thanks again.


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