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fathermojo 2011-03-03 11:45 AM

OmniOutline output to Confluence
If you use OmniOutliner and Atlassian's Confluence, I have a hack for you!

Copy and pasting from OO to Confluence is usually a big bag of hurt. If you copy into Confluence's Rich Text editor it often chokes. If you copy into the markup editor you have to reset all your outline levels.

I found that by exporting my OO file as HTML and copy and pasting the HTML from a browser into Confluence I can preserve the indent levels and most of the formatting from the outline!

[LIST=1][*]Select Export from the File menu.[*]Select HTML (Unordered List) from the File Format drop-down.[*]Click Save[*]Open the saved file in a browser (I used Safari but I'm assuming that other browsers work.)[*]Copy the text from the browser[*]Paste into the Rich Text editor for your confluence page.[*]Click Save[/LIST]
Happiness! Your outline is preserved!

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