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Zeebzog 2013-04-23 09:52 AM

PDF output creating lots of whitespace - Possible Bug?
I have created a document that fills an A4 page completely (in landscape). When exported as a PDF I have a lot of white space above the document (over half an A4 page in landscape) and to the left I have a strip of whitespace.

I have text to the far left which is rotated 90 degrees.

It would appear that there is a bug in Omnigraffle that thinks this text is not rotated when creating the export, hence the whitespace, or have I done somthing wrong?

Any help or advice appreciated

steve_s 2013-04-24 04:49 PM

Without the file to inspect, it's hard to say whether you're running into a bug or not, but one way to test would be to select the elements near the exported white space and see if the bounding box leaks over the page boundary.

One possible fix would be to set the "Export Area" to "Specific Region" when exporting so it only exports the area bounded by the page. I hope that helps!

If you're still running into trouble, feel free to email our Support Humans at [email][/email].

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