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Chris777uk 2011-10-10 01:16 PM

Please help - 'Due' Showing all actions?
Hi all,

I've been using OF for about a year now and love it.
One problem has occurred though since i've changed macs....

I use Webdav to sync - when I dl'd OF on to the new system and synced with webdav, it synced not only the actions etc... but the perspectives with their shortcut keys.

This would be great but all of a sudden my 'due' perspective which is set as active/due/due/available now shows other projects and actions that have no due date or due in months to come?

When I try changing things in view mode nothing happens. Please help, I've spent 2 hrs reinstalling and trying other things.

Thanks for your time either way

Chris777uk 2011-10-10 01:28 PM

I'm in planning mode too - (not sure when to use context mode/planning mode) I've always used planning mode, even when using a context perspective.

If none of this makes sense(!)
[B]All i'm after is being able to creative a perspective for due items that only shows items overdue/due/and due soon (3days)
Nothing else. [/B]


Brian 2011-10-10 04:40 PM

Sorry for the trouble, Chris - when OmniFocus is deciding whether something should appear in one of the date-based filters, it looks at the item itself, but it also looks at any rows that item descends from.

Example: imagine a project whose due date is set to Tuesday, while one of the rows in the project has the due date set to Friday. Both rows will appear in the Due Soon perspective on Monday - when there's a conflict, we figure it's better to show you something too soon than too late.

That's [I]usually[/I] what causes situations like you seem to be describing - a parent row has an earlier due date set than the rows that "shouldn't" be appearing there. If that doesn't sort everything out, though, email some screenshots of the offending items to our [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] and we'll be happy to investigate this with you.

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