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CrisB 2012-09-05 02:13 PM

(OT?) Omni developers' IDE/editor?
This is just a curiosity question. The Omni frameworks have lots of stuff that makes frequent interactive use of Xcode unnecessary (xconfig files, relatively few xibs, build scripts). So do the Omni devs not spend their days in Xcode? Is there an internally mandated IDE/editor, or do devs choose their own environment?

Andrew 2012-09-05 05:44 PM

We mostly use Xcode, but things like test, alpha, and release builds are automated, so we see build issues quickly, we can reliably produce (and reproduce) distribution builds, and so forth. (That said, xcconfig files are beneficial even within Xcode - reusing common settings between projects, for instance - and I don't know that I would characterize us as using relatively few xibs.)

CrisB 2012-09-05 08:23 PM

Thanks for satisfying my (gratuitous) curiosity. My xib comment was based on a superficial foray into your frameworks: it just seemed like there were a relatively small number for such an extensive code base, such that you could get away without diving into Xcode that much if you preferred.

Andrew 2012-09-06 12:06 AM

Ah. The bulk of the interface files tend to be application-specific: take a look inside the actual app wrappers and I think you'll find a more satisfying number of interface files and icons. :)

CrisB 2012-09-06 04:42 PM

Right, that would make sense. Shame I can't peek at the iOS n/xibs ;)

As someone with only a few toes immersed in the Apple world, I am still finding it hard to figure out why Apple people put up with Xcode. Even with my simple and small (by comparison with Omni) codebase, I find it terribly clumsy (a shiny 2012 wrapper around 2000-era functionality).

I had imagined you might have developed your build infrastructure in part to enable you to use saner coding tools. I say this having just tried one of my occasional days in Xcode, and finding myself having probably done 20% less work than usual in consequence.

For a gratuitous sign-off to a gratuitous thread, thanks for making such great tools (it's inspirational to work with stuff that's so nicely-made). Time to head into Omnifocus to see what's next for today.

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