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Suzannah 2008-01-09 11:42 AM

duration units
i would really like to be able to enter a duration of days or weeks. when i do, the column automatically reverts to hours, based on a 24 hour day. so instead of 3 weeks i get 504 hours which really doesn't mean the same thing in an 8 (or more) hour work day. i can't find anywhere to control this in preferences or other places. any thoughts?


jasong 2008-01-09 04:02 PM

There was a preference for defining how long a workday was in earlier builds, and it's been removed. I think you'll have to file feedback with Omni asking for it back.

Are you trying to set this for the project or the action? If it's for the actions, you might consider breaking them down in to smaller, more atomic pieces. The general recommendation is an action should be something you can do in just a few minutes of concentrated effort.

If it takes you 3 weeks to do the action, there are probably other actions within it you can do.

Projects are a whole 'nother issue, and the days-to-hours thing should be handled better (or, in my opinion, eliminated, since for me it has no useful meaning in action).

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