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mikegibb 2011-05-06 07:28 AM

Not sure if this has been done before, but if it hasn't, I think there could be some value in everyone sharing...

I'm using OF but not using it, if you get what I mean. I think what puts OF ahead of other apps like Things is that OF has Perspectives, but I barely use them. I have one -- Due -- which shows me when tasks are due. But I'm sure there are many other perspectives that I should be or could be using.

I'd like to ask anyone and everyone to share their most important or most creative perspectives. I'm selfishly hoping that this will allow me to get more mileage out of OF, but I think that this is something that could benefit all users.

I would share mine, but as I mentioned, I don't really have any.

Brian 2011-05-06 01:37 PM

I've got a bunch of perspectives I've put together for customers in my database, but the one I use most often is almost ridiculously simple.

My projects are divided up into a couple different folders, but at my desk at work, I use a perspective that focuses only on the work folder. Start my day, bring up that perspective, and anything I do in context mode hides my non-work actions. Helps discourage distracting myself.

DrJJWMac 2011-05-06 04:20 PM

I would suggest that what elevates OF is the sequential, parallel, and single-step task groupings, but that is a different thread.

As to perspectives I currently have the most active use of, they would be:

* Plan (project view) used to process actions in to folders, projects, and groups
* Next (context veiw) used to select what action(s) to do next
* Waiting For (context view) used to show actions in that context only
* Someday (context view) used to show actions in that context only
* Visions (project view) used to review special top-level visions in each project

Otherwise, I am tinkering around with a context perspective called Active that shows Next+Flagged as a way to focus my activities in smaller chunks of do-ability. I have a few others that are lingering as to their utility or not.

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