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ambi 2007-10-06 06:26 PM

Multiple Sort Fields?
I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned before. (Apologies if it has!) It would be quite useful to me (and to others? anyone?) if I could sort by multiple fields in context mode.

For example, when I'm viewing certain contexts, I like to see all my actions, which is frequently larger than a screen full. So, I can sort by due date so that those with recent due date are at the top of my action list. Or else I can sort by flagged to see those I [I]want[/I] to work on. But what if I want to see a single list of all my flagged actions, sorted by due date, followed by all my unflagged actions, also sorted by due date? Why can't I do that? (Or can I?) By extension, shouldn't we be able to also sort by a third field as well? (eg, sort by flagged; within each flagged state, sort by time-to-complete; within each equal time-to-complete set, sort by due date.)

You can probably do something like this by playing around with the grouping part of the ribbon, but I like nice flat (multiply sorted!) lists. It somehow seems cleaner. :)

In a similar vein, why can't I sort in reverse order? For example, sorting by due date puts those actions due the soonest at the top. Quite reasonable. But sorting by "Added" puts those actions I most recently entered into OF at the top and those actions entered into OF the earliest at the bottom. I more often want it the other way around; those actions that have been on my list the longest are probably the ones that might might fall through the cracks (due to procrastination on other factors). These are sometimes the ones I want at the top, not the bottom of my sorted-by-Added lists. Why can't I do this? (Or can I?)

Has anyone else stumbled over this lack of sorting options?

As I read this, I realise just how spoiled OF has made me. Like an addict on heroin, I crave more! My lists must be multiply sorted!!! Arrrghhhh!!!!

blondfish 2007-10-07 01:38 PM

Hey, I agree. But it's just a software and it should make our lifes easier, shouldn't it. So I love OF so far, but it's the same thing with everything we love. We want it to be perfect and as long as we talk about OF we shouldn't be happy with anything less than very good, should we? :-) Sorting seems very limited to me, also I can't see the meaning of the Clean-Up-button... and there's more question marks in my head.

Jeroen 2007-11-30 01:48 AM

I agree completely!

I think this is really a necessary feature. I really would like to be able to sort on due date first, and added date as second tie breaker.

jjb 2009-10-04 08:47 PM

wow-- it's now 2009, and we still don't have this feature.

The continued lack of being able to reverse the sort order truly boggles my mind. -- seems like an obvious feature to provide and (as a programmer myself) I can't imagine it would be very complicated at all. (although it may well be).

I've submitted this feature request via email -- if you guys have a minute, do that also!

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