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dbtelon 2014-04-16 01:47 PM

Recurring Tasks
I'm fairly new here. Forgive me if this has already been addressed elsewhere, and please direct me to the proper thread. Here's my conundrum. I really like OF on all the platforms, but one limitation is driving me crazy - and often back to other task managers that handle repeating tasks with greater precision. If I understand recurring tasks in OF properly, it occurs to me, that given the power and flexibility of OmniFocus, it is surprisingly underpowered and inflexible when it comes to trying to repeat tasks in referential ways like [I]the 1st Monday[/I], [I]the last Friday[/I], [I]the 2nd Tuesday[/I], etc. A great many of the tasks related to preparing for events and meetings; administrative tasks, etc. that I deal with every month need these kinds of references. I guess I'm asking for help and examples of how to 'finagle' OF into handling these kinds of repeats. Thanks in advance for your help. Barry Tucker

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