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tdc 2007-09-30 12:06 AM

OmniFonecus V0.1 - OF to iPhone
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Thanks to wonderful groundwork of RobTrew, I have put together a small proof of concept applescript that will pull out all your actions, sort by context and build a web version for you that can be saved as a bookmark in safari, and then after an iPhone sync, will appear in your iPhone Bookmarks.

As the web page has been encoded into a Base64 Data:URI it will always be available for you, even when you have no EDGE, GPRS or WiFi access.

This version is a simple proof of concept - I have plans to allow for changing views and sorting. Also, I was going to add a simple check box for each item so you may mark off tasks as you do them.

Consider this web page version similar to printing out your Next Actions or emailing yourself a copy.

At present you will need to add the web page to your bookmarks manually, I am looking into automating this process.

Once again - a huge thanks to RobTrew.


RobTrew 2007-09-30 12:50 AM

You are very kind. I only sketched these simple traversals in order to find out how to do them. I am delighted if they turn out to be helpful.

Re this build of your app - on a 10.4.1 system it appears with a "not supported on this system" icon, and generates a related message.

tdc 2007-09-30 01:08 AM

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Youre welcome Rob, it was your collection of scripts that alerted me to what was possible.

I am using 10.4.10 - will look into why its not working. Could be the perl script doing base64 encoding.

Here is a different version, let me know if it helps.

RobTrew 2007-09-30 02:06 AM

That works fine - very elegant !

If no Omnifocus window is open when your script is launched, an NSReceiverEvaluationScriptError is raised.

Without being able to see your code I suspect that you could avoid that by including a test for a window at the start, and creating a new window if needed. e.g.
[CODE] set oDoc to default document
tell oDoc
if number of document window is 0 then
make new document window with properties {bounds:{0, 0, 1000, 500}}
end if
end tell[/CODE]

drummergirl 2007-10-01 04:28 AM

Yeah! I can finally actually see my context lists on my iPhone. One issue, tho. It exports *everything* to the phone. So instead of a short list of six errands, I have a huge list of every errand I ever created. Is there any way to have it sync only the active (incompleted) items?

tdc 2007-10-02 03:38 AM

That is my intention - to offer different views etc. Also working on offering a webpage based submission form that would use your projects and contexts, and then form an email up for you to send to yourself that would then be picked up later and added to OF using one of the groovy mailscripts available.

tdc 2007-10-02 07:49 AM

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Moving this script towards some good functionality, I have added the ability to touch the Context name to expand or collapse the corresponding list of tasks.

Hoping to get a chance tomorrow to be able to select a filter on the tasks displayed.

drummergirl 2007-10-03 07:13 PM

v0.2 - lookin' good! :)

etvedt 2007-10-15 06:45 AM

Hi. Iīm trying to download the file, but am not able to. It says I have to log in, which I do, than it thanks me for that with a successfull login, before I have to do it all over again. Those times I manage to log in, it canīt find the file.


v0.1 is no problem

dmcg 2007-10-15 11:05 PM

Fails for me with "Some parameter wasn't understood"
Fails for me with "Some parameter wasn't understood" on 10.4.10

I've love to see the code to debug it, any chance of posting the source?



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