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gswiedeman 2009-11-18 07:34 AM

Project vs Action Due Date
Ideally there is a relatively simple solution to this issue that I've merely overlooked.

Whenever I define a due date for a project and then create actions within that project, my "due soon" perspective will not show the project as due unless I also then specify at least 1 due date for the next actions, at which point they will all register as due soon.

Can anyone tell me, is this as designed? Maybe there's a better way to accomplish this...

Thanks for any help.

Ken Case 2009-11-19 08:33 PM

Sorry, there isn't a simple solution in the current release.

However, we do plan for projects and groups which are due to show up in the Due perspective in the next releases of OmniFocus (v1.8 for Mac, and v1.6 for iPhone).

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