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scotty321 2009-04-19 04:14 AM

Clicking on sections in utility view
When we click on a section in the utility view, OmniOutliner Pro immediately hoists that section.

Is there any way to click on a section in the utility view and simply have OmniOutliner QUICKLY JUMP TO that section in our entire document... INSTEAD of hoisting that section?

We'd love to use the utility view as sort of a "table of contents", so we can quickly "flip to" that chapter in our book... but WITHIN THE GREATER CONTEXT of everything else around it, not just simply on its own.

What we currently have to do is click on the section in the utility view, and then choose the "unhoist" command. So, it becomes a 2-step process.


scotty321 2009-04-19 05:13 AM

Another way that Omni Group could make this a little bit easier (although this is still a 2-step process) is this:

When clicking on the title of the document in the Utilities panel, make it so that it doesn't always scroll all the way back up to the very top of the document. Instead, make it so that we are still looking at the section that we were just in, but now the entire document shows up again AROUND that section.

If this were the case, we could quickly:
(1) click on the section name, then
(2) click on the document name.

And we would be looking at the appropriate section, but within the context of the entire document.

Although I just realized -- this could be a big pain in really long documents, because you would still have to scroll up in the Utility panel just to see the name of the entire document again.

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