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technomage 2009-05-25 02:47 PM

text field issue
Here's a weird one. Our university health system uses a web form for text paging. The text box where you enter the text page content looks just like any other zoomed text editor field. You cannot type the letter "t" in this field using OmniWeb (currently using 5.1 build 113108 but observed previously v5.9). For some reason this keystroke is completely ignored. This does not matter if the text field is zoomed or static on the page. Works fine with other browsers. This site is on our intranet, so I can't post a link to it. I could possibly grab a source snapshot if someone from Omni wants to see that. I'm not using any custom mapping of this key which I am aware of.

JKT 2009-05-26 06:23 AM

Does the text entry form on the web page use keyboard shortcuts for anything (e.g. like you can in Gmail or MobileMe mail)? Perhaps pressing t is being interpreted as one of those shortcuts for whatever reason.

troyb 2009-05-26 08:52 AM

Yeah, it sounds like javascript may be stealing that keystroke for some reason. Have you tried this in Safari 4?

technomage 2009-05-27 01:44 PM

[QUOTE=troyb;60354]Yeah, it sounds like javascript may be stealing that keystroke for some reason. Have you tried this in Safari 4?[/QUOTE]

This seems reasonable, esp. since uppercase T works and no other alpha input seems affected. Unfortunately, the page requires javascript, so I can't test that directly. Also can't load Safari 4 on any of these machines in the U environment due to an enterprise requirement for the current release version. I can forward a copy of the source code for the page and the 2 js which load if this would be helpful. I could do this through the Omniweb e-mail feedback if requested. I can't read the js sufficiently well to understand if it is remapping keys or not. It is validating input in the various fields, as the web page in question is pushing data to text pagers, which have some restrictions on what you can display.

troyb 2009-05-27 01:50 PM

Sure, feel free to send the source over to [email][/email]. We'll see if we can spot anything in there.

technomage 2009-05-29 04:50 AM

Troy-look for support ticket #OG #441406. Thanks.


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