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ememess 2009-10-21 08:47 AM

Single-Action lists and due dates
Hi there -

Hope this isn't a dumb question. It seems that if you have a single-action group with a number of tasks, one of which has a due date within a month, then whenever you view the window by when things are due, that group (and hence all its actions) will be pulled into the 'due within one month' slot - just because one of them is. Is there any way around this, i.e. to have the individual tasks within such a group judged by their individual dates?

Brian 2009-10-21 12:10 PM

Planning view does sort the projects, but if you switch to context view, actions will be placed into the appropriate buckets on an individual basis. If I misunderstood the request, let me know and I can take another swing. ;-)

DamonC 2009-10-21 12:11 PM

I like the way this works in project mode because it allows me to see an entire project when there are individual actions that are due. I hope this doesn't change in a future version. What you need to do is to look at the actions from context mode and they will be shown by their individual dates. You could create a perspective to show the actions by due date. A perspective that would work for you would be:

Context filter: Active
Grouping: Due
Sorting: Due
Status Filter: Remaining
Estimated Time Filter: Any Duration
Flag Filter: Any Flag State

ememess 2009-10-22 03:21 AM

Hey - Thanks for the fast response. My question was *very* badly phrased ;-) What I meant was... I have a single-action list with deadlines for a few small projects. I also have a perspective saved called 'Timeline' which shows what's due in the next month, etc. One of the projects has a deadline within one month, the other is two months. However the whole single action bucket - complete with both projects - appears in the 'Within the next month' slot, presumably because *one* of the projects is. Anyway around this? And any way of having within a week/month/three months - as per The Hit List?

Many thanks...

Greg Jones 2009-10-22 03:52 AM

I don't know if this will help without looking at the actual settings for your perspective, but is there a reason why you want to create projects in a single-action list (SAL)? The concept of a SAL is to organize single actions that have no relationship to the other actions in the list. If you create a folder and then move your projects from the SAL to the new folder, does the perspective still behave the same way?

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