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JELaVallee 2006-09-18 06:55 PM

Feature Request: Import From Omni Outliner
I've been using Omni Outliner for a while for everything from meeting note taking to todo list creation and even task outlining for projects.

Now I'm playing with Omni Plan and just loving it (compared to the MS alternative) even with its warts and critters.

Here's a feature request: a means of importing a task hierarchy from Omni Outliner. Possibly even having an Omni Outliner template with start/end date and notation columns so you can rapidly crank through a task hierarchy, import it into Omni Plan and then focus on the complex dependencies, date conflicts and resource assignments.

Just an idea... y'all keep up the good work, Omni Group!


Lizard 2006-09-18 08:21 PM

Drag an outliner document on to the OmniPlan app icon. You should get a dialog where you can tell OmniPlan which Outliner columns should map to which Plan data fields.

Lizard 2006-09-18 08:33 PM

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Oh, and here's a simple template. Note that OmniPlan can interpret the status checkbox as "100% completed" if you want.

Mr.B 2006-09-19 03:45 PM

help with template
I downloaded the template, I got a folder with a contents.xml in it. I tried opening that xml in both OmniOutliner and OmniPlan, neither worked... thanks for any tips :o

Lizard 2006-09-19 04:13 PM

That "folder" is an OmniOutliner template file package. (The file extension should be .oo3template.) It should go in your ~/Library/Application Support/OmniOutliner 3/Templates folder. Then launch OmniOutliner and choose "New From Template..." in the File menu. "OmniPlanImport" should be one of the options there. Once you've put your data in the new file, save it and drag it onto the OmniPlan app icon and start planning out the dependencies and such.

zopepaul 2006-09-20 08:37 AM

I also had the same goal. Not yet familiar with OmniPlan, I took a shortcut and typed up a bunch of data in OmniOutliner. I dreaded the cut-and-paste and postponed it until it was a whole bunch of info.

I was surprised when I tried to do an import and it worked. I opened OmniPlan, did File-Open, saw that it recognized my OmniOutliner file. When I selected that, it asked me for some mapping information for columns -> columns.

The resulting OmniPlan file had grouping correct and mapped 0 effort tasks to milestones.

There was only one thing it didn't handle. My Assigned column was a Popup List in OmniOutliner. It didn't map the string values from that into resource creation and assignment.

gumby 2006-09-22 11:52 AM

It would be cool if installing (== starting for the first time in this case)OP when you have OO already installed would offer to install this template too.

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