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mbnelson 2011-07-07 11:13 AM

Undo Duplicates Tasks

I'm using OF 1.9 on my Macbook Pro. I have noticed what I think is a bug.

I select a recurring task and mark it complete by accident.
I then select "undo".
But now I have two versions of the task (the one I had accidentally marked complete and the one that is now also listed on the date for future recurrence).

I tend to be a rather hasty user of this software and I have a lot of recurring tasks so this happens about twice a week for me.

whpalmer4 2011-07-07 01:16 PM

Are you sure you didn't uncheck it instead of using Undo? In my experience, Undo does the right thing with completed actions (repeating or not) in 1.9.

Alternatively, are you using OmniFocus on more than one device, and syncing? You can get duplicates of repeating actions if you mark the action complete on two or more devices.

If neither of those apply, the next time you get a duplicate action, immediately contact the Omni support staff, and they can do an analysis of the transaction history in your database.

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