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kylera 2012-12-28 04:42 AM

Any legacy version by any chance for PowerPC?
Title says all. I'm relatively new to OmniFocus compared to veteran users, but I have a PPC G4 (remember those? :P) lying around which I keep as updated as circumstances allow. Given Omni's focus on OS X, I was wondering whether there's a PPC Leopard legacy version of OmniFocus or whether OmniFocus was developed after Apple rolled out Intel chips.

Thanks in advance.

Lizard 2013-01-04 12:15 PM

I believe the earliest releases of OmniFocus did run on a PowerPC with 10.4.

I can't seem to find a public download link, but if you contact our Support folks directly, they'll let you know if anything's available: [email][/email]

(But please understand that if you encounter bugs on that older version, our response will most likely be "sorry, we've fixed that in the version that requires a newer OS.")

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