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gshenaut 2013-03-20 04:09 PM

Importing .graffle files into a .graffle document
I have a number of figures I've created with OmniGrafflePro, and now I am using OGP to create a poster containing them, along with some other content. I want to import them in .graffle format in order to preserve the notes properties I've annotated them with, and in order to be able to draw lines, etc., between items in different figures, within the poster.

Now, I can open each figure in OGP, select it all, and use cmd-C/cmd-V to copy it in to the poster. But what I was expecting, and what would be much more convenient as I'm playing around with layouts and so forth, is to be able to drag the .graffle file in and place it near where I want to put it, using Finder, as I can do with figures in other formats (e.g., .png or .eps). In fact, it seems really strange and counterintuitive to me that this doesn't work.

Am I missing something?

UPDATE: I have now tried saving the individuals figures as stencils, which is a little more convenient. Still not quite there, however. The best idea would be to be able to drag in either .graffle or .gstencil from the Finder.

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