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MichaelG 2008-05-01 07:02 PM

Noob question: How do I create vertical text?
I thought I used to remember how to do this, but how to I make text so that the letters are one over the top of another vertically, like in Scrabble or some signs in Vegas?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

KeynoteKen 2008-05-02 07:59 AM

You could always do the manual "Type a letter, press return" then center the result. I just did a quick look and I couldn't find an option to make horizontal text vertical automatically.

Joel 2008-05-02 08:07 AM

You can either type and Return over and over again, or you could set the text to wrap in the Text Inspector and then narrow down the shape until you get the results you want.

MichaelG 2008-05-02 05:59 PM

Thanks guys. I appreciate it. Looks like I was making it too complicated.


Chris Heath 2008-05-12 11:39 PM

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As another option, you create a shape, e.g., a square, then double-click it and type a letter.

Resize the letter and shape to the appropriate size, and turn off the shape's stroke and fill (if desired), then select the shape, click the Make Table icon, then drag the bottom handle down, creating the required number of characters.

Result: A vertical set of letters (one above the other) will be displayed.

Last of all, overtype each letter with the relevant replacements.

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