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kevanp 2008-11-12 01:57 PM

Feature request: selective archiving
I love the new "Move Old Data to Archive" command. I've always felt
inhibited at piling too much stuff into OmniFocus, because it all
goes into one, potentially huge, file. Now I feel that the size of
this file can be kept in check. But...

wouldn't it be good if you could choose to archive only completed or dropped projects? When I have a project still active I often want to refer
back to details -- notes, etc -- contained in actions that have
already been completed, so I don't want to archive these until the
project is done with. Unfortunately offering a date doesn't really
help, because I have still active projects that go back to when OmniFocus
was first launched -- while some projects get completed within days.

If you agree, please send feedback to Omni (via the Help menu): if they get enough requests they've said they would consider implementing this option.


144degrees 2008-11-18 04:24 PM

Archiving works great
if i understand right ... this is what Omni does already.
I did the archive command and Omni focus removed (and archived) all completed projects, but left all the projects that had at least one action unchecked. It didn't matter what the date was . . . as long as there was an action left unchecked the entire project was left untouched.

I too was a little uncertain what would happen, but it all made sense when it was done.

kevanp 2008-11-19 12:46 AM

archiving does remove ALL completed actions
Well that's absolutely NOT what happened when I archived!

I was sure that when I archived ALL completed actions, whether in completed projects or active projects, were removed into the archive. And I've just looked to check and there is no doubt: I have many ongoing, still active projects with a stack of completed actions, and all these completed actions are now in the archive file, and not in the active file.

Are you sure 144degrees that your completed actions that weren't archived didn't fall after the date you set when you saved the archive?

curt.clifton 2008-11-19 04:03 AM

I think your feature request and description of the behavior are correct. Completed [I]actions[/I] in uncompleted projects are archived. The project will then appear in both the active database and the archive. OF is smart enough to maintain parallel project structures, so that future archive commands will move more recently completed items to the right projects in the archive.

I suspect 144degrees didn't look for completed actions in uncompleted projects to notice that they had been archived.

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